Stone Wool

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Stone wool insulation material produced under the Technonikol brand is made from natural basalt mineral, is environmentally friendly, completely harmless to the environment and human health. Stone wool insulation is a highly effective, non-combustible, heat and sound insulating material. It is used for thermal and sound insulation of construction structures, floors, partitions, roof, facade and other surfaces of construction. At the same time, it is used to protect construction structures from fire, as well as to make sandwich panels. Due to the use of special hydrophobic substances during production, the stone wool product we offer is not afraid of moisture and water, does not absorb water. Depending on the place to be used, it is produced in different densities.

Density range 30-200kg/m3

Thickness 30-200mm

Thermal conductivity is 0.042 W/(m*K).

It is non-flammable.

Effective service life is at least 50 years.

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